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Yung Gravy reveals how Addison Rae felt about Monty Lopez … – Dexerto

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Rapper Yung Gravy revealed how TikTok star Addison Rae felt about the cheating scandal surrounding her father, Monty Lopez, on an episode of Logan Paul’s IMPAULSIVE podcast.
Yung Gravy stormed across headlines in 2022 after getting together with Sheri Easterling, the mother of TikTok-famous internet celeb Addison Rae.
This romance sparked after both Sheri and Addison unfollowed Monty on social media. It was later discovered that Monty had allegedly been flirting with young women for some time — one of whom exposed her relationship with him on Instagram.
Afterwards, Lopez’s social media accounts went viral. The TikTok dad’s video content was often mocked by other influencers for its outrageous nature, and he even challenged Yung Gravy to a boxing match on TikTok after the artist linked up with Sheri Easterling.
Yung Gravy plants a kiss on Sheri Nicole #VMAs
He also took her as his date to the VMAs, where they locked lips in a kiss that took social media by storm (and, of course, prompted more callouts from Monty).
Yung Gravy was asked about this tumultuous time in his life during a January 17 episode of Logan Paul’s IMPAULSIVE podcast, where he also opened up about Addison Rae’s feelings toward her dad.
According to the rapper, Addison was furious with her father for the entire ordeal, which snowballed into a viral, one-sided feud against Gravy.
“I wanted to bring her on a cute date,” he explained. “I didn’t know sh*t about the VMAs. I had never watched it before. I didn’t know that it was that big of a deal. So when I walked with her and all these stories came out, it blew up way bigger than I expected.”
“I mean, from Addison, I think she was more just mad at her dad for being such a f*ckin’ weirdo,” he added, mentioning the diss track that Lopez made about him.
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(Topic begins at 28:20)
Even Logan Paul opened up about his opinion on Lopez, calling his experiences with the TikTok dad “run-ins” in the “literal” sense of the word.
“I’ll be pulling out of a parking garage and he runs up to my window. ‘Yo, what’s up?’ Monty’s always been… I won’t use the word ‘cool,’ I’ll use the word ‘enthusiastic.'”
“I did feel bad for Addison, because he did put her in an awkward position. It didn’t have to be as awkward as it was.”
At the time of writing, Addison still has yet to publicly open up about her feelings regarding her father — but she did unfollow both her dad and her mom on social media in the months that followed the entire ordeal.





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