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Why Isn’t ‘Riverdale’ Airing On March 3, 2021? There’s A Short Break

You’ll have to wait a little longer than usual to experience the epic highs and lows of Riverdale. Although Season 5, Episode 6 premiered on Wednesday, Feb. 5, the next episode won’t hit screens until two weeks later. The surprising mini-hiatus has some viewers wondering: Why isn’t Riverdale airing on March 3, 2021? The show is taking a quick break.

As TV lovers know, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot in terms of scheduling. Riverdale was no exception, especially because Season 4 filming had to wrap up three episodes short when production shut down in early 2020. Also as a result of the pandemic, Season 5’s premiere was pushed to January 2021 instead of October 2020 (when seasons have traditionally premiered).

No exact reasoning has been given for Riverdale‘s one-week break. It could be due to pandemic-related filming regulations, or because post-production and editing were taking longer than usual. As one fan noted on Reddit, March 3 is also the two-year anniversary of actor Luke Perry’s death, so it’s fitting that the show is taking time off on that day.

At least fans have plenty of juicy drama to look forward to while they wait for the new episodes. Even by…

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