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Julie Sarinana

Who still reads blogs? I started my fashion blog, Sincerely Jules, 12 years ago…

Who still reads blogs? ❤️ I started my fashion blog, Sincerely Jules, 12 years ago this month back in Feb 2009- pre social media! (Still can’t believe it’s been over a decade! 😭 those are happy/proud tears btw!) I was attending FIDM at the time and majoring in Visual Communications and juggling an internship at WGSN and assisting a celebrity stylist here and there and also working at a nail salon! I wanted to do my own thing creatively aside from school projects so my sister @ari.sari.loves suggested starting a fashion blog! After a couple of days of thinking what I could call it, I came up with Sincerely Jules as a way to sign off each post (almost like a diary!) It started off purely as a creative outlet to share things I liked, write about what I was into and share my ootd’s even though at the time I still didn’t understand why people loved to see photos of what I was wearing! I joined other popular platforms at the time too like Chictopia, Lookbook.Nu and Polyvore which helped grow my audience! I treated it as a personal diary where I would get away from school work and just feel a sense of passion and freedom whenever I would write a new post. It was pure love & dedication, it truly made me so happy to have it! There was no sponsored posts, no gifting, no traveling, no fashion weeks, no front rows, no magazine features, no personal appearances, no collaborations, no agents, none of that when I started. So it made all of this that much more special to do! It was just about having a blog and posting things that we were passionate about and loved. Never in a million years did I think this could possibly turn into something more than just a blog. It’s definitely been a journey to grow my blog into what it is now, but trust me there has been so many ups & downs, so many sacrifices, so many tears, so many struggles, so many lessons learned and difficult roads but in the end, it’s been the most beautiful journey I’ve ever been on! Happy 12yr Anniversary to my beloved ol’ little SJ blog! 💕
THANK YOU to all of you for following my life, work and journey! I wouldn’t be where I am if it weren’t for you, I’m forever grateful for you! I love you my SJ dreamers!





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