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TikTok bans sharing Omegle links following child safety concerns

18 February 2021, 17:40

Omegle allows users to chat with complete strangers anonymously.

TikTok has banned linking to social media platform Omegle following concerns over underage sexual content.

YouTubers and TikTok stars like KSI, Charli D’Amelio, James Charles and Emma Chamberlain have been found to use the social media platform, which has started blowing up on TikTok. The Omegle hashtag on TikTok currently has 9.4 billion views.

There are concerns over the safety of the app for children and teens. A BBC investigation found boys aged 14 masturbating in front of strangers. During the 10 hours that the BBC monitored Omegle, they were paired with several people under the age of 18, with some appearing to be as young as seven or eight. And, during just one two-hour period, they were shown 12 masturbating men, eight naked men and seven porn adverts.

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Concerns have been raised over the safety of Omegle
Concerns have…

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