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Lilly Singh

This season I said I would truly take you behind the scenes of making a show, an…

This season I said I would truly take you behind the scenes of making a show, and I’ve been doing that. I’ve showed you little snippets of the crew having fun, me acting a fool in HMU, and all the wild COVID protocols. But I also feel like it’s important to show you the parts I struggle with because it’s definitely not always easy. I know social media makes it seem like everyone else is always perfect and thriving and that’s a narrative I’m over. Yesterday, I think I legit had an anxiety attack and I felt a piece of me break inside. I felt as if a circuit fused. It’s no ones fault (except perhaps mine…), it’s just the nature of what a daily show requires. And the reality is that a daily show is only one of my jobs. I shoot for 12 hours on production days, get home around 8:30pm, review episodes for one hour, review scripts for another 1.5 hours and then attempt (God knows I try..) to clear my inbox. I end up finishing work at about 11:30pm. And on non production days, I have hours of meetings that make the production days possible in the first place! Weekends have also become full work days out of necessity to meet deadlines and work on my other jobs. It’s… A LOT. My intention isn’t to complain. Truly. I just didn’t feel like posting a fake thirst trap today. This is more of a sharing of experience and honestly, just a huge props to everyone else doing a daily show. All these hosts work so damn hard and maybe people don’t realize how difficult it all is. That’s all. I’m really grateful. But that doesn’t mean this isn’t very, very hard. The two aren’t mutually exclusive. But you know I’m going to keep trying… thanks for supporting me. ❤️ stay tuned for my next thirst trap.





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Michael Le

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Michael Le

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