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Negin Mirsalehi

Pre-covid vs. now. Sharing this because I’ve been getting many comments about m…

Pre-covid vs. now. ❤️ Sharing this because I’ve been getting many comments about my face looking different in yesterday’s video. Some saying I look pregnant, others who say it looks like I had fillers done. While in reality I just gained weight. When I shared this on my stories last night I received the sweetest messages from many of you (just shared some on my stories). You guys made me feel SO loved and now I wanted to hopefully with this make others feel loved too. To be quite honest, in the left picture I did feel better, I was exercising regularly and felt good. On the right ,me now, feels the opposite, but I also try to love this part of myself. It doesn’t always come easy but I still try to, and I try to remember that everyone is going through stuff from time to time and that’s normal. Disclaimer, I’m not saying I look bad, gaining and losing weight is both ok. Also the right picture was shot this morning, and that’s the time of the day I look least bloated. And I’m not pushing my belly out, tried posing in the same way. (Many disclaimers, because I can see those comments coming in lol)
Also, I know the pregnancy comments come from a good place, in that you’re happy for me so I don’t blame those who say so, eventhough it’s true what some say, you never know what that person is going through 💕 love you all, even the ones who don’t necessarily say things that come from a good place. 💓





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Michael Le

@justmaiko JAADAAAA- made history😮‍💨🔥 ♬ original sound – team shakhia 🙏🏾 Tiktok by Michael Le

Michael Le

@justmaiko good vibes w the lil bro🙏🏽🔥 #MakingMyWay ♬ MAKING MY WAY – Sơn Tùng M-TP Tiktok by Michael Le