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‘Our packaging can be seen in the background’: Small business owner exposes customer lying about missing order in viral TikTok – The Daily Dot

Stacy Fernandez
Internet Culture
Published Nov 6, 2021
The owner of a small cosmetics store was met with surprise when she watched the Instagram story of a customer who claimed to be missing her order.
In a viral TikTok, Khaila, owner of the online makeup shop Khaila Beauty Bar, shows an email from a customer claiming she never received her order and asking the business owner to resend the products or give her a refund.
The video then shows a confused Khaila and jumps to a screen recording of the customer’s Instagram Story. On her Story, the girl is showing off two Louis Vuitton boxes accompanied by the flying money emoji. Khaila zooms in on the corner of the video and what does she see? One of the “missing” pieces of merchandise.
I know. #storytime #cosmeticstore #businessowner #fyp #customerservice
In the final clip, Khaila shows viewers the packaging for her eyeliners which matches the pink marble cardboard box from the customer’s Story and order.
The video has 2 million views and a lot of ticked off people in the comments dragging the customer.
“It’s the Louis Vuitton box in the wrong font for me,” @NataliedelMar wrote.
“When you spend $3k on bags but need that $30 refund,” @phreshojesso said.
“The best ‘this you’ out there,” @gldnskies replied.
In a follow-up video Khaila explains that the packing couldn’t be confused with that of another product.
“You can see that packaging clear as day, it’s very significant, no one else uses my branding,” she said.
In part two, Khaila explains that the customer ordered five products and then placed a second order about twenty minutes later. The customer reached out to her asking Khaila if she could put all the orders in one box and if the second shipping charge could be refunded. Khaila did both without a problem.
Khaila sets the record straight in her email reply to the customer that included the original TikTok video as an attachment. According to the tracking information, the beauty products were delivered “over a week ago,” Khaila wrote.
Reply to @zillenial_mom #greenscreenvideo #storytime #cosmeticstore #businessowner #fyp #customerservice #graphicliner
“You also posted this onto your Instagram story, you may want to get the background before you post, our packaging can be seen in the background so I can only assume that you did in fact receive the order,” Khaila wrote. “We don’t appreciate being lied to especially when we accommodate your needs.”
So far, things have been silent on the customer’s end. Khaila added that the customer deactivated her Instagram so she doesn’t have another way to reach out.
“You’re flexing Louis Vuitton boxes but you’re trying to get a refund or a replacement on an $18 eyeliner when she probably just spent $1k or $2k on whatever she bought from Louis Vuitton,” the business owner said. “It’s just rude.”
Khalia could not be reached for immediate comment. She was contacted via TikTok comment.
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Stacy Fernández is a freelance writer, project manager and communications specialist. She’s worked at The Texas Tribune, The Dallas Morning News and run social for The Education Trust New York. Her favorite hobby is finding hidden gems at the thrift store, she loves a good audio book and is a chocolate enthusiast.
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