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Lilly Singh

One year ago today, I was in Trinidad and Tobago for Carnival. It is my yearly r…

One year ago today, I was in Trinidad and Tobago for Carnival. It is my yearly release and something I look forward to and work towards for the entire year. Literally, I will pull any all-nighter, complete any 16 hour shoot or read 12 scripts in a day if it means that eventually, I’ll be on the road with my friends and family for Carnival. It’s so much more than a party, it is my biggest motivator year round. And this year, without Carnival, my heart has a hole in it. I feel a big part of my happiness missing and I’m sure I’m not alone. I’ve spent the last few days reminiscing on these pics from the good times I’ve had over the past 6 years. Like the first time I reached the Savannah on Jouvert morning, the first time I ducked under a power line on top of a truck, the last time I walked 10 km minimum to find a doubles man, the last time @machelmontano pulled me and the crew on stage for Conch Shell and the last time I got 45 minutes of sleep between fetes. My arm has no wristbands on it right now and that makes me very sad. I will work through this year, pushing twice as hard, knowing that in 2022, we will make Carnival count tenfold. I miss you so much sweet sweet TnT and plz know your in my thoughts. Thank you for always welcoming me and I’m sorry for the strain many of you must feel. Miss you @machelmontano @chekothari and so many others ❤️ #TabancaIsReal





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@khaby.lame I hope you will appreciate my little house. 🏠 It is for you #learnfromkhaby #comic #commedy ♬ suono originale – Khabane lame Tiktok...


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