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Dixie D’Amelio

No, Dixie D’Amelio is not pregnant – TikTok video debunked! – HITC

Dixie D’Amelio is not pregnant. Many of her fans have slammed the pregnancy rumours circulating on social media.
Being a social media star comes with a lot of responsibilities, from voicing your opinion about important matters to creating an online community with dedicated followers.
However, they often become the target of widespread rumours and false speculations.
In the case of Dixie D’Amelio, a number of online users have claimed that she is pregnant – here are the rumours debunked.
The pregnancy rumours about Dixie D’Amelio are false – the online influencer and singer is not pregnant.
The reason that some people have jumped to the conclusions is a TikTok clip Dixie’s boyfriend Noah Beck shared.
“Wait, why [does] she touch her stomach and why [does] the caption say baby?” asked one follower.
The video, titled ‘Baby’, sees Dixie touching her stomach which is why a lot of people started claiming that she is expecting. However, the speculations are false – Dixie has never confirmed that she is pregnant.
not people saying @dixiedamelio is pregnant bc she touched her stomach in a tiktok with noah💀💀
It’s safe to say that many Dixie’s fans have slammed the comments that spread false pregnancy claims.
One person reacted: “Not people saying Dixie D’Amelio is pregnant because she touched her stomach in a TikTok with Noah.”
Another one asked: “Why the f*** is everyone saying Dixie is pregnant?!”
Meanwhile, someone else added in a TikTok comment: “Just because she touched her stomach doesn’t mean she’s prego!”
The false pregnancy rumours about Dixie come after allegations against the TikTok star that she used the n-word in a song.
The song is ‘My Drip’ and uses the n-word multiple times, however, it’s not a song by Dixie and doesn’t feature her.
The allegations was part of a social media hoax as Dixie never said the n-word in a song – it was all fake news.
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