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Lizzo Responds To Backlash Over Going On A Detox Diet After Promoting ‘Body Positivity’ For Years!

After many years of promoting ‘body positivity,’ Lizzo decided to do a 10-day juice cleanse and this made some of her fans pretty upset! However, the star made it very clear that it’s her own body and she can do whatever she wants!

Not only that but she also explained to her critics that this means a lot more to her than just what might seem to be a crash diet.

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Her response came after many accused her of giving in to the pressure of slimming down despite promoting beauty at every size for such a long time.

Seeing all the hate that came after she revealed her detox journey, she took to her TikTok account to explain in a video why she decided to do it.

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‘November stressed me the f**k out. I drank a lot, ate a lot of spicy food and things which f***ed up my…

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