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‘Like they didn’t just order 7 drinks’: Starbucks worker puts apologetic customers who ordered on Thanksgiving on blast – The Daily Dot

Nahila Bonfiglio
Internet Culture
Published Nov 30, 2021   Updated Nov 30, 2021, 10:33 am CST
Even in America—where time off from work is practically a myth—several national holidays provide nearly everyone with a break from work.
Except, of course, for those employees who are forced to work year-round, through holidays and weekends. Ironically, these employees typically work minimum wage jobs in retail or the service industry, like a Starbucks employee who recently posted a TikTok about working on Thanksgiving.
Most Starbucks locations are open through the holiday season—including on Thanksgiving and Christmas day—and require employees to show up to work rather than attend family gatherings or spend time with loved ones.
So when customers show up to a Starbucks location on a holiday and try to empathize with the employees, it often hits the wrong cord. That’s according to @kaitlynsantiago22, who goes by Kait on her page.
A five-second TikTok from Kait put customers on blast for showing up to Starbucks on a holiday while also attempting to be empathetic. Dressed in a cozy sweater and reindeer ears, Kait mouths along to SZA’s “Hate You.”
A text overlay calls out “anyone who said ‘I’m so sorry you have to work today’ like they didn’t just order 7 drinks,” as Kait mouths the song’s most popular lyrics: “and if you wonder if I hate you—I do.”
happy thanksgiving from your local starbucks #foryou #fypシ
Kait’s brief TikTok spoke to many people, the bulk of whom backed her in the comments section. People quickly began dragging holiday customers, pointing out that they’re “not sorry enough to drink coffee at home today.”
Commenters posed multiple scenarios, blasting customers who apologize in advance for massive orders rather than refraining for a day. A few tried to call out Kait and others who work holidays, commenting that it’s part of Kait’s “job” to work holidays and mockingly asking “didn’t y’all get off early?”
The majority of commenters were far more compassionate, however. They settled on the proper way to apologize for visiting a Starbucks on a holiday: Leave a large tip. Ultimately, employees will likely have to continue showing up on holidays, so the best way to make their day better is to ensure its at least worth their while.
Kait could not be reached for comment. The Daily Dot reached out to Starbucks.
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