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JoJo Siwa

JoJo Siwa Says She's 'Proud of 17-Year-Old JoJo' on 2nd Anniversary of Coming Out – PEOPLE

Glenn Garner is a Writer/Reporter who works heavily with PEOPLE's Movies and TV verticals. Since graduating from Northern Arizona University with a dual major in journalism and photography, he got his professional start at OUT Magazine, The Advocate and Teen Vogue, and he's since consistently kept his finger on the pulse of the LGBTQ community. His first book The Guncle Guide was released in 2020 and was featured on Katie Couric's list of 100 recommended books of the year.
JoJo Siwa is marking two years of embracing her truest self.
The Dance Moms alum, 19, shared an important throwback photo Saturday with her 11.4 million Instagram followers as she celebrated the second anniversary of her coming out.
“Two years ago today now looking back on everything…. I’m SO proud of 17-year-old JoJo,” Siwa wrote in the caption.
The snapshot featured Siwa wearing a “BEST. GAY. COUSIN. EVER.” T-shirt, which she previously posted to come out as a member of the LGBTQ community in a series of posts on TikTok and Instagram back in January 2021.
At the time, Siwa teased the news with a lip sync of Lady Gaga‘s 2011 LGBTQ anthem “Born This Way” and a visit to the TikTok crew Pride House LA.
The TIME 100 honoree explained to PEOPLE at the time that she was still figuring out how to label her identity, but it was the “first time that I’ve felt so personally happy.”
"I don't know, bisexual, pansexual, queer, lesbian, gay, straight," she said in April 2021. "I always just say gay because it just kind of covers it, or queer because I think the keyword is cool."
Siwa added: "I like queer. Technically I would say that I am pansexual because that's how I have always been; my whole life is just like, my human is my human."
Shortly after her coming out, the Celebrate artist went public with her girlfriend Kylie Prew for their one-month anniversary. After ending their on-and-off relationship over the summer, Siwa recently announced her split with Avery Cyrus following three months of dating.
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Siwa has since been candid about the reason for the split. “‘Cause I got used!” she said on TikTok last month. “For views and for clout, and I got tricked into being told that I was loved, and I got f—ing played!”
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