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“I Miss Michael Jordan”: Charles Barkley Admits to Tom Brady He’d Take Back What He Said to Get Old Friendship Back – The Sportsrush

Tonoy Sengupta
|Published 25/01/2023
Nov 22, 1993; Phoenix, AZ, USA; NBA superstars Michael Jordan (left) and Charles Barkley during the filming of a Nike shoe commercial at the Arizona Biltmore. Mandatory Credit: Rob Schumacher/The Arizona Republic via USA TODAY NETWORK
Charles Barkley has never been the kind of person to bite his tongue. No, instead the man would likely feel more motivated to speak his mind if everyone consistently showed off just how offended they were by it.
However, it must be said that perhaps old age has made him just a little bit softer than he used to be. He is a bit more affectionate now, and far more elaborate about how he shows it.
Back-track just a few short years ago though, and suddenly Charles Barkley is a far more savage man. He did not hesitate one bit and was far brasher about all of it.
But all these years later, the man regrets something that happened between him and the great Michael Jordan. And during an appearance with Tom Brady, the man talked at length about it.
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Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan were once inseparable.
In their playing days, despite being bitter rivals on the court, they were two peas in a pod off it. And that notion continued once they retired too.
However, on one occasion, Charles Barkley criticized Jordan’s Hornets on television. And from then on MJ has reportedly ghosted the man completely.
Recently, Tom Brady asked him if he had any regrets on the matter, something you can take a look at in the short YouTube clip below.

Admittedly it is a bit heartbreaking knowing the relationship they had, and where it stands now.
However, that’s life. The only thing that can be done, is hope that one day, Michael Jordan forgives Charles Barkley.
As the previous clip portrayed, clearly Charles Barkley is ready to squash the beef. However, when it comes to Michael Jordan… well, just take a look at the YouTube clip below.

This is from the last season’s All-Star weekend. So, perhaps it’s fair to say that the beef is still going very strong.
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Tonoy Sengupta is an Editor of NBA content at The SportsRush. Coming from an athletically inclined family, he has been surrounded by sports ever since he was 4 years old. But, while initially pouring all his time into Football (soccer), at 14, Tonoy discovered basketball through the countless highlights of Stephen Curry humiliating players from Curry Land. And just like that, a fiery passion for the game was ignited within Tonoy. And soon after, he decided to become a student of journalism, graduating in 2022, and choosing sports as his area of interest. Today, you can find him spending 99% of his time browsing through every type of content on every team in the NBA, before uncorking everything he has found to the world. In the 1% he isn't doing this, you can find him playing Basketball, Football, Volleyball, or practically any other sport he has had the opportunity to learn.
Copyright: © RU Sport Private Limited. All rights reserved.
Copyright: © RU Sport Private Limited. All rights reserved.




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