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Halsey Shows Off Her New Buzz Cut And Fans Hilariously Dub Her As ‘BALDSEY’ – Check Out The TikTok Vid!

Halsey proved that she could rock any style, including a buzz cut, and one follower hilariously dubbed her as ‘BALDSEY’ after seeing the radical transformation, also making it very clear that they loved it! That’s right, the singer took to her TikTok earlier today to show off her new short hairstyle and she looks great!

Halsey started her clip on Tik Tok with long locks only to then flip her hair and transition into her new buzz cut style.

While that is usually an extreme not many fans appreciate on their idols when it comes to Halsey’s crowd, they showed much more support than usual since they know the type of person she is and how she sometimes goes for an edgier look.

‘Ugh it looks absolutely amazing,’ one fan gushed in the comment section under the clip.

Another went on to joke that ‘WE LOVE BALDSEY.’

Then, someone on Twitter was curious to know more about the decision to go for such a short hairstyle and Halsey did not hesitate to respond.

The 26-year-old…

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