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'Full House' Star Candace Cameron Bure Is Calling Out Haters After Posting a New TikTok –

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When she received rude comments, Candace did not hold back.
Candace Cameron Bure always makes time to have fun, which includes learning the latest dances on TikTok. But recently, while trying to show off her new moves, some folks decided to leave some not-so-positive comments on the video — and Candace was not having it.
A few days ago, the Hallmark star mastered the TikTok dance trend set to an upbeat version of Kenny Chesney’s 2004 country song “When the Sun Goes Down.” Dressed in blue frayed jeans, a ruched grey sweater and sneakers, Candace propped up her phone in her living room and playfully twirled around hitting her marks with a smile.
“When the sun goes down 🌅 #sungoesdown #afterwork,” she captioned the TikTok.
When the sun goes down 🌅 #sungoesdown #afterwork
With more than 3.5 million views, fans of the Fuller House actress bombarded her TikTok with thousands of comments praising her dance skills. But among those were several remarks that Candace promptly shut down.
“I thought you were a Christian???” one person wrote. “Am I missing something?!!! Is this not just a fun dance?” she responded. “Quick call 911 someone stole your a—,” someone else said. “Get a life,” Candace clapped back.
It’s the dice roll for me 🎲 @natashabure #momsoftiktok #momsover40
That said, the 45-year-old mother of three also answered back notes left by her supportive fans. “OMG YOU ARE FROM FULLER HOUSE!!!!!! 😁,” a fan wrote. “Yup! 😁,” Candace confirmed. “Hi Candace! I was wondering if you could say hi and stuff because my mom loves you and I wanted to show her you replying? LOVE YOU!” another commented to which she said, “Hi Mom!!!!.” A different fan added, “I am going to need that shirt!!! Is it yours and is it available?” and she revealed, “Yes! The sweatshirt is CCB clothing – will be available November/December on QVC.”
Whether Candace is learning steps on her own or with her daughter, Natasha, she definitely won’t stop posting new videos … and she shouldn’t!



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