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Dupe TikTok trend is the latest viral trend that has users frustrated – HITC – Football, Gaming, Movies, TV, Music

Photo Illustration by Drew Angerer/Getty Images
The Dupe TikTok videos have taken over the platform and it has become the latest trend that has left several users frustrated with the “doop” pronunciation.
Lately, several trends have been gaining popularity on the platform and not all of them are the ones that will make you love the app.
Unfortunately, there are a few that have been raising confusion while also increasing frustration.
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The dupe trend is a way of mocking all the other videos on the platform where people promote finding the perfect dupe i.e. copy of a very popular item.
For instance, you might have come across many people making videos about going to a thrift store and coming across Zara, Gucci, and other dupes.
The trend plays around with the idea and people have hopped on it to create their own versions of it some are trying to make it funnier by saying “doop” instead of “dupe.”
Nonetheless, the trend has left many frustrated and people were quick to express the same. One user wrote: “I’m gonna say it the “dupe” trend on TikTok is the worst most unfunny TikTok trend in the history of TikTok I hate it.”
Another added: “Maybe I’m a hater but I hate that dupe trend.” “That dupe trend on TikTok enrages me,” wrote one more.
“Dupe trend is annoying. speaking my truth,” expressed another. “Possible unpopular opinion, but the second someone says “xxxx dupe” on the clock app, I block them. It might be the most obnoxious trend that’s hit my FYP so far,” read another comment.
Just a couple of weeks ago, people flooded TikTok with croissant emojis.
It all started when user @thesleepyparamedic posted a video talking about “operation crumb blast.” In the video, he urges people to comment using a croissant emoji on any video that they come across on their ‘For You’ page.
He says: “Every video regardless of content or creator needs its own croissant today. Let us throw the masses into croissants and induce confusion and watch humanity unfold before our very eyes.”
This pushed many people to fill the comment section with the emoji.
Prior to croissants becoming famous, there were storytime and crop comments that had gone viral on the platform.
It is unclear who started the trend but they were increasing frustration among the audience.
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