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DIY: Ribbon Loom Flowers Gift Topper + Broach

Guest post by Denise Sharp of Studio d.Sharp I found a large stash of vintage seam binding and love to make ribbon loom flowers with it. For this project, the blooms are both gift topper and a broach to wear- a simple and stylish way to embellish a present. In addition to vintage, new rayon seam binding is easy to find and comes in a huge array of colors. To make the flowers I used both a vintage loom {found on Ebay} and a loom made by Clover. Traditionally, straw or thinner width ribbon is used with looms, but I like how the seam binding makes the flowers a bit blousy and full. Click “continue” to get the full instructions below. Following the loom’s instructions, I created three different flowers.They are simple to make and there are a number of different techniques. A fuller flower is produced by wrapping the ribbon a couple times around each peg. I also made one flower with both outer and inner petals. {the yellow loom} For the two smaller blooms, I didn’t follow the…

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Oh Joy

I am thrilled to introduce out newest product line…an Oh Joy for CALPAK Travel Collection! We teamed up with CALPAK to create colorful suitcases...


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