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Coronavirus Killing Travel Influencers’ Livelihoods

Influencers are now spread across various niches, with travel being one of the biggest. Travel influencers have some of the best jobs, they get to go around the world, stay at lovely resorts and hotels, and get paid for doing so! However, with coronavirus wreaking havoc on the global economy and mandating travel bans, these influencers are also feeling the burn.

Speaking to BuzzFeed, several travel influencers shared how the COVID-19 outbreak is killing their revenues, with some reporting 50% reductions and others uncertain about their future.

Callum Snape, a travel influencer with over 800k followers, claimed that his income was being affected massively and he has not received any new inquiries in well over a month since the virus broke out.

Similarly, Alen Palander, another travel influencer, shared how many of his main projects were canceled and others were put on hold as businesses brace for the economic impact of blockages and economic activity coming to a halt.

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