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Charli & Dixie D’Amelio’s Story About Meeting Someone’s Kids For Cash is WILD

TikTokers have joined the ranks of Hollywood actors and world-famous musicians and become A-listers in their own right. One of the byproducts of widespread fame, of course, is getting asked for a photo-opp or two every time you leave the house, but Charli and Dixie D’Amelio’s story about meeting someone’s kids for cash goes beyond the traditional meet and greet.

On David Dobrik and Jason Nash’s Feb. 24 episode of their podcast Views, they invited the D’Amelio sisters on for a brief chat about their rise to fame. The conversation started out pretty standard, with Charli and Dixie admitting they were fans of Dobrik and Nash prior to becoming famous themselves, having watched many of their YouTube videos.

Then, the conversation shifted when Dobrik asked the duo for their craziest money-earning story. He prompted them with an example from his own life, telling listeners about a situation where he was asked to appear at a child’s birthday party for $24,000. Charli then told a story about getting an offer to call a father’s kids who were big fans of the sisters. She denied the request at first, but after running into the dad IRL, she obliged and met the kids instead.

“The dad was…

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