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Addison Rae Flaunts Sculpted Abs And Legs In Strapless Bikini Pics – Women's Health UK

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To get moving, she likes doing yoga, Pilates, and dancing.
Addison Rae is having a moment right now, and it just so happens to be taking place somewhere warm and wonderful. After being a little quieter than usual online, the star treated her followers to a slew of new photos as she also starts promo for her new fragrance line, Addison Rae Fragrance, and I am here for it.
Addison got busy posing on the beach (she is absolutely glowing, BTW) with the caption, ‘SOS’ which just so happens to be the title of the hot new SZA album.
It’s hard to miss how totally strong Addison is as she lounges on the sand in the slightly blurred photos.
A post shared by Addison Rae (@addisonraee)
Of course, I was not the only one to notice Addison’s totally strong beach moment. SZA herself commented on the photo, writing, ‘😍😍👏👏.’ Other fans and friends filled the comments, too, writing things like ‘Angelic,’ ‘wow,’ and the sassy, ‘Photo was taken in 2005 with a sidekick by t-mobile.’
Addison’s core is clearly the stars of the show, and she is as toned as ever. So, if you’re wondering what her current workout routines look like, I’ve got you covered.
For starters, Addison loves doing yoga, Pilates, and, of course, dance when she’s ready to get her body moving and work up a sweat. In fact, paparazzi have caught Addison headed out of a Pilates studio on several occasions, and she looks so happy and confident leaving class. The benefits of a good workout are endless!
The toning aspect of yoga and pilates explain her solid core, while the full-body benefits from her dance workouts strengthen keep her strong all over. Addison also taught Kourtney Kardashian a six-minute booty workout back in 2020 for Kourt’s lifestyle brand Poosh, and it looks really killer.
The glute workout included 30 seconds of fire hydrants on each side, donkey kicks, and finally, fire hydrant extensions, according to Fansided. They repeat this whole thing two times for a killer burn, and trust me, you’ll wake up with a sore booty from this one.
Addison has also been hitting up Dogpound, a celebrity-favourite gym, where she gets in more booty work with some weighted leg extensions. She then follows that up with some intense battle ropes, that work your arms and core while raising your heart rate. Here’s a video:
A post shared by DOGPOUND (@dogpound)
Now don’t mind me…I’ll just be here waiting for the next Addison Rae photo dump.
From: Women’s Health US




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